We wanted to create a product that fits into the Biknd brand philosophy of air protection. The Jetpack works for all types of bikes. DH, ISP etc. Likewise, he keeps the same great features of the Helium… lightweight, foldable and easy to move around.

Key features of the Jetpack

  • 360 degree opening for ease of assembly
  • Lightweight 8kg at this current time
  • Aluminum frame
  • Allen key set will be provided in the case
  • Axle adapter front and rear that allows for changeable axle spacers
  • One set of wheels at the rear with two front base plates to protect undersides
  • Air bag protection (smaller than the Helium however give great protection to the wheels and bike)
  • Side protection with plastic and foam. The plastic is cut horizontally so you can still fold up the case to a small size
  • Upper protection is provided with plastic and 1 inch foam
  • The bike case rigidity is provided by the bike as it attached on a aluminum and plastic base. The bike is attached to the front and rear axles, therefore the bike itself is providing compression strength
  • Added handles on the side and front for easier maneuverability
  • Depending upon the bike you leave the saddle and derailleur on (it is of course recommend to remove the derailleur)
  • Side protector included for the derailleur
  • Works with all bikes

Differences with the Helium

  • Helium will now be classified as the ultimate bike protection
  • Larger air bags
  • Plastic front and bottom base
  • Easy to transport with the lower 4 swivel wheels
  • Different bike protection as the bike rest of the base instead of being fixed into the bag as per the Jetpack
  • Two sets of wheels


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