Équipe Transports Lacombe/Devinci

  • Country Canada
  • Season 2014

It is with great enthusiasm that Transports Lacombe/Devinci supported by ZOOM MEDIA team unveils its team for the 2014 season! It is with a national license that the team will take part in various National and International cycling races this season.

11 athletes will represent the organization during the season; back with the team this season: Antoine Matteau, François Chabot, Emile Jean, Frederic Cossette, Samuel Gagnon, Yohan Patry. New members: Lambert Gatineau, Marc Antoine Soucy, Christian Deshaies, Alexis Cartier and Stephen Keeping.

To guide riders, Pascal Hervé, ex professional rider will return as co- sports director to attend Stéphane Tremblay. '"Pascal’s experience is very important for the development of the riders, they are very happy to learn and take profit from his experience. 2013 has been a very difficult season for the team. We learned from our mistakes and we gained a lot of experience. 2014 will rebuild the foundations of the team and give confidence to young riders who aspire always ascend to the highest level of the sport!"  Says Stéphane Tremblay.

Several new races appeared in the North American calendar and the team will try to participate in as many of these events. The team riders must demonstrate their level of excellence to attract the attention of the organizers and obtain the coveted invitations.

To begin the season, the team will take part in the prestigious Battenkill spring classic 5-6 April 2014 in the state of New York. In Quebec the first pedal strokes will be in Contrecoeur for the third year in a row! Two athletes on the team will have the chance to participate in the prestigious Tour of Morocco from April 4 to 13; Stephen Keeping and Emile Jean are the lucky riders! In addition, five riders were selected on the Quebec U23  team for a project in California early in the season to participate in two prestigious races, the Chico stage race and San Dimas stage race. Two weeks starting on March 20th . The 5 team riders selected are: Samuel Gagnon, Emile Jean, Yohan Patry, Frédéric Cossette and Marc-Antoine Soucy are very happy to be selected on this forming project

To support the riders and help the team, we must thank our sponsors: Transports Lacombe, ZOOM Media, Devinci, Ekoï, Trek Financial coaching, Richards Packaging, LOOK, Schwalbe, SENSO BIKE, X : ACT nutrition, Thule, Mitsubishi Trois-Rivières, Natura, Fruit ², Asics, Enseignes professionnelles, Biknd, Rolf Prima.